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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and when did you start your store?

We have started our eCommerce store journey in the year 2020. We have partnered with print on demand store based in the USA. We design products in our store while the printing design and delivery process are handled by our print on demand partner. It might look that our store is quite new and it is true. But we have experience print on demand partner who has served over 15 million customers in the last 7 years. To know more about us please visit our About Us page.

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell uniquely design products like cool t-shirts, custom coffee mugs, flip flops sandals, yoga tops, cool hoodies, and many more. Check out our Products page to explore our latest collection.

I have a design can you print it on your product?

Yes, definitely. Mail your design to [email protected] and mention the item. We will send you a mock-up picture of the end product. If you are satisfied then we will update the product in our store and you can place an order. But please note every product has its specific dimension for design. So it might happen that your design is not suitable for that item. In this case, we will inform you regarding that.

I live in the “XYZ” country. Can you ship your products to my doorsteps?

Although our print on demand partner is based in the USA they ship products all over the world. So our products can be delivered worldwide. Stay wherever you are, our products will reach your doorstep on your order. However, shipping timing may vary if you are outside the USA. Shipping to the USA is the fastest. If you want less shipping time you may choose express shipping on the cart or checkout page.

What is the shipping time of your product?

Shipping time is dependent on the shipping location. Our products are printed on demand so shipping time includes both fulfillment time plus delivery time. You will get delivery time upon providing your address on the cart page or checkout page. Please note fulfillment time will vary depending on the order quantity and current order processing count. Please be patient after ordering our products. Shipping time may get affected by global events as well. Please take note of shipping time before you order your product. Also, allow extra time for shipping. In case you are in hurry receiving the item please contact support to clarify any query.

Do you have any shipping fees? If yes then what are the shipping fees for my country?

We tried to reduce our production costs as low as possible. We have a flat shipping fee depending on your shipping location. Shipping fees vary for different products as well. Unlike other stores, we do not unnecessarily add the shipping cost on the item to offer free shipping. Also for few items express shipping available with 2-4 days delivery after fulfillment.

You can calculate the shipping cost on the cart page or checkout page after entering your shipping address.

After providing the address on the cart or checkout page, I’ve seen that shipping time is mentioned as “X-Y business days after fulfillment”. I’m confused. What does this mean?

As most of our products are printed on-demand after your orders received, the total time to reach the product at your doorstep is printing time plus the shipping time. This printing time is what we call fulfillment time. Fulfillment time varies for different products, generally, it took 2-4 days for printing. Depending on our current order volume this fulfillment time may vary.

I have not received my product yet what should I do?

Don’t worry. Your product is on its way. Our print house is based in the USA so if you do not leave in the USA it might take 2-3 weeks to reach you. Also please note most of our products are printed on demand so shipping might take extra time after fulfillment. Please be patient. In the meantime, if you need any assistance you can contact our support person for help.

Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks to reach your item in the USA. For the rest of the world, it might take 4-5 weeks. But delivery time may be affected due to supply-demand and availability. If you want faster shipping then you can select Express Shipping option during checkout.

Where is your print house located?

Our print on demand partner has a print house located in the USA and Europe. Order processing will take place depending on the product availability shipping address and some other factors.

Do you offer express shipping?

We do offer express shipping for a few items. Unfortunately, we have to discontinue offering express shipping at this time due to excessive delivery delay. We are offering standard shipping with a flat fee now. But we will resume the express shipping option soon. You will get different shipping options during the checkout process once we will launch it again.

Are you an authentic store or scam store?

We are a 100% authentic store. Rest assure once you order our products or services we always try to have the best customer experience for you. We have just started in 2020. We will also learn day by day. We need your cooperation on this journey.

What will you do with my personal information and credit card information? Is it safe to provide you information?

Don’t worry your personal and financial information is protected under our privacy policy. You can visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more. Also, we are hosted in a secure SSL server and working with trusted payment processor Stripe(for credit card) and Paypal for secure checkout.

Are you going to send me spammy emails?

Your contact information is taken for communication purposes. We will send order details, registration details, invoices, and other query related communication to your email to inform you about the latest change in your account details. However, we may occasionally send special offers or new product launch related emails to serve you better. Please check our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Do you offer a refund in case I received a faulty item?

We take full responsibility for our product. If you receive a product that has a manufacturing defect or faulty when arrived then we will refund you in full. Please contact us with an image of the faulty item you received. Our payments team will initiate a refund after review.

I just order the wrong product, can I change the product?

I just realized that I ordered the wrong product. Is it too late? Keep cool. No issues, you can cancel the order as long as you cancel on the same day you purchased. You will get a full refund. You can then order a new one. But double-check the size chart carefully before you place an order.

What happens if I am not satisfied with your product?

We double-check our print quality and product quality before dispatching products to your doorstep. It will be highly unlikely you will receive a low-quality product. However, if you feel that you have received a low-quality item please feel free to contact us. We will cooperate with you.

Do you have any physical store locations?

We do not have any physical store or office location. We operate fully online. This gives us to lower our product cost compared to physical stores in shopping malls. Our designs are exclusively available online. Our print on demand partner is based on the USA and they have their physical work location. All of our products are printed and shipped from the USA.

Do you have any store rules?

Our store has its own terms and conditions and we expect our visitors and customers to abide by these rules as long as they are on our website. Failing any rules will terminate our products and services without notice. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page carefully before you buy it.

Ok, I am satisfied but how can I contact you in case I need help?

We have a “Need Help?” option(available on the desktop version of the website) on the bottom right corner to instant reply to your query from our support staff. But please note Live Chat support are NOT available 24 X 7 for your service. Live Chat is subject to availability. If you don’t get an instant reply(within 5 minutes) from live chat then you can contact us through our Contact Us page by submitting a contact form with your query in detail. Our support staff will reach you within 2 working days.

How can I check my orders and edit personal information?

You need to be a registered user before placing an order from our store. In case you checkout without registration you will be asked to set your username and password for registration. Once you register through the “LOG IN/SIGN UP” or checkout page, you can log in to your account anytime with your email and password. Once you login you will able to see your username on the header menu and My Account on the footer. If you navigate to the page you can see your order history also you can change your email, password, or edit your shipping and billing address from there.